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This article will help you register for the website and teach you how to set up your account before paying your medical bills.

You have to provide some basic information about yourself, such as name and email address, before registering for the site. You can also create a username and password to make accessing the website more secure in case someone else has access to your computer or internet browser.

After completing this step, you can log in to the site. You will be shown a dashboard where all of your medical bills are saved and categorized by date and provider name. Click on the “Medical Bills” tab at the top of this page in order to see all of your pending bills that need paid on time in order not incur any late payment fees.

How to Use the Bill Pay Feature on is the first website ever to offer a bill pay service for your health needs. It will now be possible for you to pay all your medical bills without any hassle. This service has been designed with the help of Point Nine and is an exclusive offer only on

Why it matters?

The world’s first bill pay service for medical needs – – is offering an exclusive offer on their website only which includes a Bill Pay feature at no cost!


Conclusion: Why You Should Consider Signing Up for Today!


People are more conscious about their health in this day and age. They are willing to do anything they can to avoid a risk of being unhealthy and the expenses associated with it.

PerYourHealth is an online service that helps you take control of your health care by giving you instant access to all your medical bills, co-payments, deductibles and healthcare account balances in one convenient location

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